Limo Services for Big Stars

Celebrities and limousines go together like fish and chips, chocolate and peanut butter. It’s just one of those pairings that makes sense, even if we don’t always understand why.

Now that I think about it, why do we keep attaching limo rides to celebrities and big deal people? If there’s something inherently special about the two that makes them so linked, we wouldn’t have limo rental companies for everyone else, I think. So what allows such a connection to form?

After a lot of time thinking about this and asking a few friends for their insights, I think I’ve got a few ideas. Mind you; they’re all anecdotal evidence, not scientific data.

I think one part of the association comes down to when we get limo rides.

Think about it. We rent limos for special occasions, or when we want to impress. Weddings, proms, parties, and the like. These are all events of significance. These are the times when we break out the luxury vehicles, the ones that let us come and go in style.

Who do we think of as special? More often than not, it’s celebrities. People who are famous or have made a name for themselves.

A lot of individuals see luxury as something that the rich wrap around themselves like a blanket. The limousine is the stereotypical expression of luxury on wheels.

It isn’t hard to imagine why the connection exists. A limo has a lot of luxury features attached to it. These go beyond just having high-end stereo and climate control systems, too. You’ve got state of the art video systems that let you watch TV or movies.

The typical limo has tinted windows, giving you privacy and reducing the heat that gets into the vehicle. Combine this with some plush upholstery and leather seats, and you have the most comfortable way to ride available. The interior is just cosy and relaxed.

Who do we associate with luxury? The rich people who can afford to have it around them. More often than not, wealthy people tend also to be famous – or at least, they’re the rich people the rest of us see most often on TV.

Limousines are also noted to be expensive items.

They’re not always expensive, but most people see limos as pricey. Between all the features, the fact that they were pricey at one point in time, and is well out of most people’s price range today helps contribute to that idea. So it makes sense that when we think of a limo, we think of money.

When we think of money, we again think of rich people and celebrities. It’s a matter of exposure, I think. We see stars more often than other types of wealthy, which warps our perception.

We see celebrities more than we see other rich people. I mean, who keeps an eye on press conferences held by CEOs? Who do you know has billions in the bank and likes to make their presence felt, and social media kids being disgusting about consumption don’t count?

And what do we associate most with rich people, apart from gold? The limousine, that’s what.

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