How to become an athlete  


Becoming an athlete is so much of a job as being an athlete already, especially athletics which are somewhat dependent on talent. You’d have to work up your ass daily to amount up to something in the game. There are really do’s and don’ts in all ramifications of life of which sports are no exception. In my years of being an athlete, I’ve learned that talent is good but there are other virtues that speak well of one faster and louder than talent. Of these are below,


  1. Persistence: Dictionary meanings of persistence are awesome and worthy of note. However, the term “Persistence” goes beyond words to meaning more things. More things than words in black and white. Persistence is a term that suggests labor and upholds same. Persistence is not folding of arms, neither is it sitting down all day staring. Persistence is doing over and over same athletic activity or sets of athletic activities with precision and betterment in view. There are few of those activities that should be repeated daily. Such as, jogging, push ups, press ups etc. Why? An athlete needs to be fit and can’t afford to just loosen up! He needs to keep at it even though its not enjoyable but secrete efforts soon amass to public show of excellence.

  1. Have a mentor: The “have a mentor” thing has become more of a cliche than what it meant to be in our contemporary times. In sports, you don’t have a mentor in your mind, No! A thousand times No! If you’ve had one in your mind, fine! No problem. You’d just need to move a step further. Meet up or hook up with a pro. Don’t be a secrete admirer! Let him or her know you like his/her skills and you’d love to showcase the same. You learn better from a physical relationship than a mind’s. So, man up today and meet up with that your sport idol whom also you’d like to be like.
  2. Be passionate: Little wonder where Usain bolt was before he came to lime light. Well, the sincere answer is, he was no where! But he had a secrete weapon! He had passion! He had the gusto, the zest to be the World’s best athlete. And few years later, he became that. You may be talented but all your talent still amounts to zero if you are not passionate. Let the fire burn within you. Always surround yourself with things that would keep you in check. Don’t forget, where talent can not take you, passion will get you there and even beyond. Just know this and keep it in mind!