Getting Your Windscreen Replaced the Easy Way



What is the easiest way to replace a windscreen? Hire a professional and have them do it. It’s the easiest, simplest way to get the job done. Despite that, it can sometimes seem to be a bit of a process. Windscreen replacement Perth is just a little less straightforward than most people assume.


First, not every instance requires a replacement.


If all you’ve got is a chipped screen, repair is better and cheaper. It’s also much less complex and takes up less time, so you can get back on the road sooner.


The process is simple. The team cleans any dirt, including around the point of impact. This gets rid of any material that may cause a problem later on. A resin is injected to cover the damage, which is then cured using a UV lamp.


Just like that, the chip is gone. It takes about half an hour to do all in all and can be done on the spot. We recommend getting this done in dry weather. A cover or canopy would be good if this has to be done on a rainy day, to protect the resin.


You can drive off into the sunset as soon as it’s dry.


A crack is a bigger deal, though. In such a case, you need to get a windscreen replacement Perth as soon as possible. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself at risk.


You see, a crack is a sign of a strong impact. It also compromises the integrity of the glass. While there are features in the design that reduce the odds of it shattering into lethal pieces, it’s not completely impossible. Therefore, a replacement is essential.


You could make the attempt to replace it yourself. It’s an involved, time-consuming process that can easily be done incorrectly. You’re much better off having a professional handle it for you. There’s also the chance that the crack might be small enough that it can be repaired.


The process will involve cleaning first. The bodywork also needs to be inspected before any glass is removed. This is to make sure there is no debris or anything else that may interfere with the adhesive used in the process.


Once the pane is removed, more cleaning is done. The remnants of the old adhesives and other materials that need replacing often require scraping off the frame. After the “work surface” is clear, the crew applies a bonding agent that is meant to secure the windscreen.


Before the agent dries, the new screen is installed. More cleaning commences, getting rid of things like excess adhesive.


Car insurance tends to cover the cost of the replacement, depending on how comprehensive it is. This means you don’t need to fork over a significant amount of money. It’s still advisable to go to a replacement shop recommended by your policy, though.


The process can take one to two hours in total. This is on top of the hour required for the adhesive to set and make the car safe to drive again. In other words, a replacement can take a lot of time and there’s no real quick way to go about it.