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5k road

10k road


Mogadishu, Somalia

23rd March 1983

London, Great Britain





7:34.47 (i)

12.57.94 NR


13:30 NR

27:44 NR


2010       European T&F Championships 5000m & 10,000m        Double Champion

2009       European Cross Country Championships                       Silver Medallist

2009       IAAF World T&F Championshps, 5000m                         7th

2009       European Indoor 3000m                                                Champion

2008       European Cross Country                                                Silver Medallist

2007       IAAF World T&F Championships                                     6th

2007       IAAF World Cross Country Championships                     11th

2006       European Cross Country                                                Champion

2006       European T&F Championships, 5000m                           Silver Medallist

2003       European U23 Championships, 5000m                           Silver Medallist

2001       European junior Cross Country                                       Champion

2001       European Junior 5000m                                                  Champion



Race                                                  Distance         Position       Time

New Balance Boston Indoor Grand Prix  3000m           2nd           7.35.81

Great Edinburgh Cross Country             8.2km            1st



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

BOclassic International                          10km             2nd

IAAF Diamond League (Zurich)               5000m           5th             12.57.94 (National Record)

IAAF Diamond League (London)             3000m           2nd

European T& F Championships              5000m           Champion

10,000m          Champion

European Team Challenge,                   5000m             1st

European Cup                                      10,000m           1st               27:28.86

London                                                10km                1st               27:43 (National Record)

IAAF World Cross Country,                                          21st



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

BOclassic International                          10k                3rd

European cross country championship                         2nd

Cross de l’acier                                                            5th

Great South Run                                   10miles           1st

Great North Mile                                                          2nd

IAAF World T&F Championships              5000m          7th

IAAF Super Grand Prix (Monaco)             1500m                             3:33.08

IAAF Super Grand Prix (London)              5000m         1st

European Team Championships              5000m         1st

Torino                                                  3000m            2nd

London                                                 10k                1st             27:50 (National Record)

European Indoor                                    3000m          Champion

Indoor International (Birmingham)           3000m          1st             7:34.47(National Record)

UK Indoor                                             1500m          Champion

Indoor International (Glasgow)                3000m          1st              7:40.99 (National Record)



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

European Cross Country Championships                       2nd

Cross de l’Acier (Dunkirk)                                             4th

Great North Run Mile Champion                                   Champion

IAAF World Athletics Final                      3000m            9th

IAAF Golden League (Brussels)              5000m             4th

IAAF Grand Prix (Gateshead)                3000m              5th

IAAF Super Grand Prix (Monaco)           3000m             8th              07:39.6

IAAF Super Grand Prix (London)           3000m             6th

British Olympic Trials                          1500m              2nd

European Cup                                    5000m             Champion

St. Mary’s Classic                                1500m             1st

London 10k                                       10k                   3rd

Stanford                                            10000m                              27:44.5

IAAF World Indoor T&F Championships 3000m            6th

Birmingham Indoor Meeting                 2miles              6th



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

Great North  Run                                    3k                   1st

IAAF World Athletics Final                      3000m            3rd

IAAF World Athletics Final                      5000m            7th

IAAF Golden League (Zurich)                 3000m             5th

IAAF World T&F Championships            5000m             6th

IAAF Super Grand Prix (London)            2miles             2nd

AAA’s                                                 5000m            Champion

IAAF Grand Prix (Sheffield)                   3000m             6th

Great Manchester 10k                         10k                   3rd              28:07:00

IAAF World Cross Country

Championships                                   12k                 11th

European Indoor T&F Championships   3000m             5th

Birmingham Indoor Meeting                  Mile                 1st

GB Indoor                                           3000m             Champion

Cross Country (Edinburgh)                    4k                   2nd

Cross Country (Amorebieta)                                         6th



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

Finn Valley                                           5k                  1st              13:30 (British Record)

European Cross Country                                              Champion

Cross de l’Acier (Dunkirk)                                           1st

Great North Road                                Mile                  1st

IAAF World Athletics Final                     3000m           12th

IAAF Grand Prix (Zagreb)                     3000m             3rd              07:38.2

IAAF Grand Prix (Rieti)                         1500m                                03:38.0

GB/USA/Russia/China Match                300m              2nd

European Championships                    5000m             2nd

Heusden                                            5000m                6th              13:09.4

GBR T&F Championships                     5000m             2nd

European Cup                                    3000m              2nd

BMC Solihill                                        1500m              1st

IAAF Grand Prix (Gateshead)               3000m                                 07:45.3

IAAF Grand Prix, Eugene                     Mile                  7th

Healthy Kidney 10k (New York)           10k                  2nd              28:27:00

IAAF World Cross Country

Championships                                   4k                   40th

Commonwealth Games                       5000m             9th

Melbourne                                         5000m             1st

Mayoral Mile (New Zealand)                                         3rd             03:58.5

Hobart (Australia)                              5000m              4th



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

Venta de Banos Cross Country                                     6th

European Cross-Country Championships                     21st

UKA European Cross Country Trials                             1st

Cabbage Patch                                   10miles              1st

IAAF Golden League, U23 (Zurich)        1500m                                03:38.6

BMC London                                       1mile                1st               03:56.5

European U23 T&F Championships       5000m            2nd

European Cup                                    3000m               2nd

IAAF World Cross Country Championships 12k             37th (5th European)

European Indoor T&F Championships    3000m            6th

GBR Indoor                                         3000m              Champion      07:56.9



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

Nike Run (London)                                10k                3rd             28:58:00

GBR European Cross Country Trials                              1st



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

IAAF Super Grand Prix (London)            5000m                              13:38.4

BAL Windsor                                        800m                                01:48.7

European U23 Championships              5000m           2nd

Windsor                                              1500m             2nd             03:43.2

UK                                                      3000m I        Indoor Champion

National Junior (Under 21) Cross Country                    Champion



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

UK Junior World Cross Country Trial                             1st



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

European Junior Cross Country                                    2nd

Reebok Cross Country Challenge (Margate)                  1st

Reebok Cross Country Challenge (Birmingham)            1st

European Junior                                    5000m          Champion



Race                                                   Distance          Position       Time

World Junior Championships                 5000m            10th

UK Under 17 Cross Country                                         Champion

World Junior Cross Country Championships                   25th



Race                                        Distance          Position       Time  

European Junior Cross Country Championships                  5th

European Junior Cross Country Championships                  Team Gold Medallist